Ghost Mannequin Service could dress your mannequins and not have to worry about changing their clothes? WithGhost Mannequin Service, we come into your store, set up a dressing room with a mirror and then handpick the perfect outfits for each of your mannequins. Our stylists will even style the hair! You can also choose how often we come in (weekly or bi-weekly) so that you always have fresh clothing on display.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service remove the replica from the inner side of an apparel artifact, a ghost mannequin service  is considered the most needed service for e-commerce or e-business. Ghost mannequin photoshop  is required to adjust the front and the backside of a file after removing the replica. Therefore, to provide the best possible service of image manipulation as well as neck joint service, various image editing organizations such as ours work hard.

In Numerous Ways, an Image Manipulation Service Can Be Defined

A photo manipulation service is basically the service that is applied for adding two different files and making it one single file. Such as, a t-shirt has two sides, the front, and the back part. Here, the image manipulation service adds those two parts of a t-shirt. Before adding those parts, it is necessary to remove the dummy from the inner area of the t-shirt and create a waylay effect so that it seems like there is a real human body inside of that t-shirt. That’s why the image manipulation service is also known as a ghost mannequin service. It also includes altering/switching or restoring an image. However, this service needs highly qualitative people who have exceptional thoughts and ideas to accomplish this work. Therefore, the clipping path artists do this manipulation perfectly. Color correction, cloning, brightness-contrasting, or retouching are done for getting the required outcome. These four services are included in the image editing or neck joint service. So, these are collectively called the manipulation service of image.

In many shopping malls, mannequins are used to exhibit a product instead of the ghost manipulation service. But every product does not need to be exhibited with a mannequin or a model. In those cases, ghost manipulation works the best. This manipulation of images is used so that customers/consumers can get exactly how an artifact works. Thus, a replica is placed to display the clothing perfectly.

Image manipulation service from the expert

  • Editors create a shadow of a concrete background for establishing the position of an image.
  • An obvious cover is created using photoshop. If needed, a collection of shade is also applied.
  • For acquiring the clear coating for the contextual, a slider of sensitivity is applied.
  • For the after-manufactured clothes, an undetectable model seems the best.


Ghost Mannequin


  • This process of manipulation or ghost mannequin service is one of the best for attracting the buyers or customer eyes to the products instead of the dummies.
  • In this way, many products are displayed at the same time; thus it makes the purchasing process much easier.
  • This service can assist to buy rapidly both noticeable and imperceptible clothes.

Turnaround Time

Ghost mannequin product image enhancement services editors who are highly skilled in this service can accomplish a task within twelve to twenty-four hours. The alteration or up-gradation of the images will depend on the requirements. However, experts can make images fascinating for e-businesses and Photographers. You just need to contact us and let us know the number of images that you need to be altered.